Fallout 76: 10 Best Items To Sell From Vending Machines

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Fallout 76: 10 Best Items To Sell From Vending Machines

Making money is a constant concern in Fallout 76, and player-owned Fallout 76 Items vending machines are a great solution to this problem. With the right items in the right location (and the right prices) a player can rake in thousands of caps per day on this semi-passive business model.


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While its commonly just used to offload things the player doesnt want, for those who truly want to milk the profits it pays to know whats selling. This commonly depends on whos in the area and whats in demand, but there are some things that generally sell really well.

Special Junk can be defined as those items that have no real practical purpose in the game but are rare or unique enough to encourage collection or outright hoarding. They can be colorful, strange, funny, or unique items that dont appear very often in the game.

A good example of something players can sell would be Teddy Bears. There are eleven different variants available in the game. Players looking to round out their collection or have an obsession are more than happy to use caps to get the Teddy Fear variant theyve spent so much time looking for.

Magazines provide helpful temporary buffs to give players greater damage, Rad resistance, healing, and other effects. Often times these items can be used to give the player the edge they need to overcome a difficult enemy or farm more efficiently.

Because of this magazines sold in high combat areas can often fly off the shelves. Of course, sourcing them is going to take some time, but its a great way to make some spare caps if the player isnt interested in the effect or has duplicates. There are also over a hundred different copies to collect.

Mutations are another way players can tweak and modify their characters abilities to gain more power. There are 18 different mutations that can give players an advantage in practically any area of the game, from combat to food consumption.

Selling Mutation Serums requires a significant upfront investment as they can cost up to 23 thousand caps apiece. But for the player with the Hard Bargain perk and a high Charisma to nudge the prices down it can still be profitable to sell at or slightly below standard prices.

The wasteland is a filthy place and seemingly everything can infect players with a foul disease that inconveniently messes with their stats. Many players will become diseased from fighting diseased creatures or eating bad food out of desperation.


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Disease Cures can be a great item to sell so players can remove the diseases affecting their characters. Granted some players will simply let the clock run out on the disease and deal with it, but odds are anyone with the spare cash is more than happy to buy a Cure and get rid of it.

For players that want to monetize their crafting, Stimpaks can be a great way to make some money. These items are always in high demand as the average player will be engaging in combat and will lose some health.

Having a vending machine near high combat areas will almost guarantee Stimpaks will fly off the shelves at the right price. Sourcing ingredients to make product in bulk can be tricky, and a few select Fallout 76 Weapon perks are necessary to truly get the most out of it but it's very lucrative to those who figure it out.